What is
a Bridal
Boudoir Album?
Beautiful, alluring, dramatic, sexy and sensual images of yourself; that's the goal of your boudoir photo album session. When you present these images as a gift to your groom, husband, or boyfriend, he should be thrilled!
Final Product:

A Sexy Gift for Him!
NOTE: this is a do-it-yourself project.
I do the photography and printing (5x7 or 4x6), and you stick them in an album. Prints are $5 each. You pick up an album at a store somewhere,  let me know what size photos you want me to print, and you put the photos in an album.
A sexy bridal boudoir album is a new trend popular as a wedding gift from a Bride to her Groom.
Or, you may want to present your boyfriend or husband with a set of professional sexy photos in a nice album for an anniversary of holiday.
Whatever the reason, he's a guy, so you already know he's going to love sexy pictures of you.
We value your right to privacy.
This is the Album page.

Photos, Videos &
 Near Butler PA
A Bridal boudoir album taken near Butler PA

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Head shot of model
A Bridal Boudoir album shot near Pittsburg PA
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